Private Chat and Secret Photo Vault

Camazing protects photos you care about. This photo vault app powered by a private Swiss cloud makes your phone gallery selection secure and offers you a private chat.
Organize your photos in albums locked under Swiss Zero Access security system. Create your albums shooting directly from the folder or moving unsorted photos into place, adding tags, reminders, and vocal messages.

Download it now and nobody will steal your precious instants or read your messages.


Protecting your data is our highest priority.
Along with files encryption in transit and at rest web offer both the physical and political protection provided by the Data Center.


Protecting your data is our highest priority.
Along with files encryption in transit and at rest web offer both the physical and political protection provided by the Data Center.


Ever wondered who sees your photos when you upload them to the cloud?
We protect your data with a zero-access privacy policy that only Swiss privacy laws can guarantee.

Like a bank but for your photo


Advanced Organization

Keep your photos organized by shooting form within albums or by moving unsorted photos into place

Private Mode

Not all photos area created equal. Sometimes you just shoot something that needs an extra layer of privacy. That’s why we’ve built a “private” side of the app only you can access with biometric authentication.

Powerful Metadata

Enhance your photo with captions , tags , voice memo and reminders.

Secure Sharing

If you prefer your photos to never leave our servers you’re covered: we have built a secure sharing service for all our users.

our plans

our plans

Backup on Swiss Private Cloud servers
Keep a secure copy of your data and access from all your devices
View and share your private photos securely
No one can access your data. Your privacy is guaranteed by the rigor of Swiss laws
Data encryption in transit and at rest
Security is our highest priority
Nuke proof storage in Switzerland
Opt-in for the maximum physical security offered by our Swiss data bunker
Monthly Price


What sets Camazing apart from its competition?

Camazing is the ideal App for everybody who wishes to directly save into an album all the pictures they take. Thanks to the Private Mode, you can preventively decide if you want to save your pictures a classified and confidential area, tucked away from prying eyes.

Why do I keep seeing an Alert icon in the App settings?

If you don’t activate an account, all the pictures you saved in the Camazing album will be deleted (but the original pictures on your phone won’t!). What’s more, without an active subscription, you won’t be able to take advantage of the Cloud storage for your pictures.

How can I watch back the tutorial?

Go on Settings and tap on “Refresh Tutorial”. Going to the homepage will play it back.

Can I also upload videos?

Not at the moment. But don’t worry! We will integrate this new feature in an upcoming version of the App!

How can I upload pictures taken outside of the App?

You can do so by accessing to one of your pre-existing albums, whether in the Public or Private area, and by clicking the icon at the top. After having granted permissions to access to your camera roll, you can select the pictures so that you can neatly sort them out!

What happens to my Private and Public pictures if I choose not to renew the subscription to Camazing?

Don’t worry! We will send you by email a zip file with all your saved pictures.

Why would I want to pay a subscription fee instead of just using the free version of the App?

The free version of the App doesn’t have all the neat features of the paid version. To munch on all the good features we provide, subscribe to our service!

Camazing is not the camera roll for those who want to go on a taking-pictures spree! Rather, it’s the ideal App for those who want to sort, archive and search for their pictures in an intelligent, intuitive and simple way.

Do you have any suggestion as to how to use vocal memos and reminders?

The vocal memo is very useful to share your captured moments with your Camazing friends! A small vocal message can add emotions to your photos!
The reminder is especially useful to remind you of an upcoming payment deadline, a birthday or an anniversary.

What are these symbols?

The first one is the Camazing Homepage icon. The second one refers to the act of sharing pictures with your Camazing Friends.

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